Advanced Course on Comparative and International Law of Sport


The Program

Classes are held September through December 2016. Internships with one of the partner companies and/or legal firms begin in January 2017. 

Class attendance is mandatory and the commitment is full-time.

The Advanced Course on Comparative and International Law of Sport is divided into eight main modules, including 400 hours dedicated to in class lectures, 400 hours of individual exercises and project work, and 400 hours of the internship work experience. At the end of each module, students will have exams, which are either written or oral according to the instructor’s requirements. 

In order for students to receive their diploma, they need to achieve a minimum grade of 70% on their assessed work and complete their internship in good standing. Attendance is mandatory and cannot be below 70%. 

The language of instruction is English.

The tuition fee to attend the Advanced Course on Comparative and International Law of Sports at John Cabot University is 27.000 euros.

The deadline to apply is July 10th 2016. To apply please email all the documents to:

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About Rex Sport

Rex Sport, founded in 2002 in Barcelona (Spain) by some of the most recognized and well-known sports law practitioners in the world, is an Association that supports academic programs and initiatives in the area of sports law.

Its most relevant and valuable activity is to establish links and to cooperate with academic and non-academic institutions with the aim to contribute in the development of sports law, its values and the lex sportiva at a worldwide level.

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