Release of Football Legal # 5 (June 2016)

In many football aspects, rules have been enforced and issues are increasingly taken to "courts"...

In this context, Football Legal aims to provide a clear and detailed picture of what the key legal issues are in Football around the world. It is intended to be a tool for lawyers and all football stakeholders.

Other opportunities to get back on the latest cases and news:

The AIAF Congress 2016 in Abu Dhabi is deicated to the future of Justice in Football. A perfect opportunity to discuss and exchange views on this widely debated issues.

Later this year, the CAS Seminar will be held in September 2016 in Lausanne. This Seminar has established itself over the year as a not-to-be-missed event for football stakeholders.


Football Legal # 5 (June 2016)


  • Interview with Alain Juppé
  • Football and alcohol:a French perspective, by Eric Andrieu
  • CAS jurisprudence overview concerning compensation for breach of contract with the participationof Russian clubs, by Yuri Zaytsev and Mikhail Prokopets
  • The RIVEROLA case: how the enforcement of FIFA rules may restrict the freedom of movement for workers within the EU, by Luca Smacchia
  • Should training compensation also be awarded for loaning clubs, although they were not the last club before the international transfer? by Joachim Rain
  • Legal heirs in FIFA proceedings, by Josep Vandellos Alamilla

    Focus: International Football Justice

    • Interview with Matthieu Reeb
    • Fairness and Football: is CAS actually ready for its new challenges? by Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez & Agustin Amoros Martinez
    • Practical aspects of Justice in Football: What aspects could be improved and how? A Belgian perspective, by Luc Misson, Géraldine Dujardin & Anne Werding
    • National Law in International Sports Disputes, by A. Vantyghem

    Special Report: TPO/TPI - an update

    • Interview with Doyen Sports
    • Third-party Influence & Third-party Ownership - A regulatory approach, by Marc Cavaliero & Kimberly Morris
    • The Marcos ROJO case, by Patricia Moyersoen
    • The Belgian saga of the validity of TPO/TPI continues…, by Luc Misson and Géraldine Dujardin
    • FC Twente sanctioned by the KNVB Licensing Committee in relation to Doyen-contracts, by Dennis Koolaard
    • Third-Party Ownership of players’ economic rights in the context of the Indian Super League and I-League, by Shwetha Chandrashekar Mahit Anand
    • Etc.

    World in review

    • International news (FIFA, Confederations & CAS):
      • Minors: Special reference to FIFA’s sanction against FC Real Madrid, by Rosalia Ortega Pradillo
      • The Adjudicatory Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body, 2013-2015, by Andrew Mercer
      • Notifications through Associations (Article 102 of FIFA Disciplinary Code) - The Fernando Santos case, by José Maria Montenegro & João Lima Cluny
      • The case of Vladimir Malyshev, by Eugene Krechetov
      • Enforcement of monetary claims in football related matters, by Fabrice Robert-Tissot
      • Unilateral option clause, jurisdiction of CAS and insolvency, termination for just cause, by Stefano La Porta
      • Etc.
    • National news (more than 20 countries; Argentina, Brazil, UK, Spain, Italy, Austalia, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, France, UAE, Germany, Malaysia, Israel, Russia, Portugal, etc.)


    The latest news about Football stakeholders, Conferences, Publications, etc.