Release of Football Legal # 8 (December 2017)


Professional sports constantly seek new ways to improve performances, break records and reach a certain form of perfection. While sports betting is growing to epic proportions, integrity is key. In this perspective, the recent rise of Big Data deeply changes the way we think about sports and football more specifically.

Football governing bodies, teams, players, broadcasters, betting companies and other private companies have become increasingly sophisticated in the data that they collect, use, control and monetise. This (r)evolution of data raises unprecedented legal challenges for every football stakeholder.

Furthermore, the “General Data Protection Regulation”, adopted by the EU Commission, will be applicable from May 2018. Data compliance is becoming a crucial issue and all legal practitioners must, more than ever, be aware of the good practises to be adopted regarding data.

In light of this situation, Football Legal addresses the main legal issues related, amongst others, to data protection, football betting, the integrity of football competitions and footballers’ rights to privacy.


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