SPORTEL Law Conference - PROGRAM


Panel 1:

The EU Digital Single Market: the impact of the proposed copyright reforms on sport

  • Is there a Specificity of sport?
  • Latest proposals of the European Commission
  • How to interpret the Regulation on cross-border portability of online sporting content?
  • How sport could be impacted by the draft Regulation on country of origin for online services?
  • Is it the end of territorial exclusivity?


Panel 2:

Copyright protection of sports broadcasts and its enforcement

  • Importance of copyright protection for sports rights owners
  • The effectiveness of the copyright protection
  • What legal measures are necessary to enforce copyright in the fight against digital piracy?


Panel 3:

Impact of new digital technologies on the sports rights market

  • New opportunities of the digital revolution
  • Entrance of social media into the sports rights market (Facebook, Twitter...)?
  • Rights to Virtual and Enhanced Reality
  • Importance of the direct relationship with the end consumer
  • The value of Big Data
  • Virtual advertisements