CAS 2016/A/4733 Sergei Serdyukov v. FC Tyumen & Football Union of Russia (FUR)

CAS 2016/A/4733 Sergei Serdyukov v. FC Tyumen & Football Union of Russia (FUR)

Common provisions of Russian civil legislation regarding validity of transactions are not applicable to labour relations because a labour agreement is not a transaction in the meaning of Article 153 of the Civil Code of Russia.


Sergei Serdyukov (the Player) claims outstanding contractual bonuses to FC Tyumen (the Club).

On 24 June 2013, the Player and the Club entered into an employment Contract valid until 15 June 2014. At this time, the Club was competing in the Professional Football League (PFL, Russia’s 3rd League). According to Article 7.2 of the Contract, the “Employee may be paid a bonus for achievements of sports results in compliance with the regulations on bonuses”.

According to Tyumen Football Team Bonus Regulations, players competing in the PFL 2013-2014 season were entitled to bonus payments for each win or draw. In case the Club was promoted to the NFL, the Bonus Regulations held as follows in its Article 6 stated that “for inclusion of Tyumen football Team into the National Football League in 2014 – bonus for each victory...

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