CAS 2018/A/5693 & 5694 Riga FC v. FC Partizan & FIFA

CAS 2018/A/5693 & 5694 Riga FC v. FC Partizan & FIFA
CAS adjudicated a case against Latvian club Riga after Serbian side Partizan filed an appeal against Riga and a player for breach of contract without just cause.

Facts and Procedure


On 16 January 2016, Mr Cédric Gogoua Kouame (the Player) entered into an employment contract with Partizan, valid from 17 January 2016 until the end of 2019. The Player was entitled to receive a total amount of EUR 600,000 for the duration of the contract, as well as housing, two return tickets per year, and sporting bonuses. The agreement did not contain any provision on the due date on which Partizan had to pay the Player’s monthly salary. However, it was undisputed between the Parties that the remuneration was due at the end of each month.

On 1 September...

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