CAS Competence: CAS 2017/A/5324 FBF v. FIFA, SAFA, FSG & FCB.

CAS Competence: CAS 2017/A/5324 FBF v. FIFA, SAFA, FSG & FCB.

Decisions passed by the FIFA Organizing Committee are binding and not subject to appeal insofar they are reasonable, not arbitrary and taken with respect of the Parties’ fundamental rights.


Every association affiliated to FIFA may participate in the FIFA World Cup with its Representative team (Article 5. 1 of the FIFA World Cup Regulations). In order to qualify for the World Cup, National Representative teams must first qualify through the preliminary competition, which depends on the continental Confederation that organizes such qualifying competition.

The representative teams of Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde and South Africa were in the same group (Group D) of the Third Preliminary Stage of the African Confederation. The matches were played between 8...

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