Corruption in World Football: A Tale of Sexual Misconduct

Corruption in World Football: A Tale of Sexual Misconduct

Corruption is an issue that occupies day-by-day situations that has existed since humankind’s inception, and yet it seems quite taboo to talk about. It mostly deviates from power situations, and it has affected countless individuals. During many years, powerful people, including movie producers, directors, actors, musical artists, business people and even world leaders, succumbed to corruption and treated innocent people as if they were objects to play with, mostly through sex, and got away with their nasty behavior due to their powerful status. The curtains were raised in 2017 with the Me Too Movement. Notable people who were sexual offenders thanks to this movement include Harvey WeinsteinJeffrey EpsteinBill Cosby and R. Kelly. (Ming, 2018)

The world of sports is no stranger to this either, and this article will aim to put the light on how FIFA and society have dealt with one of the most notorious cases of sexual misconduct in the world of football of the last 20 years. Before going through that, it is important to know about the bodies that deal with matters like these.

About the FIFA Ethics Committee, what is it?


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