Evidentiary Issues and Applicable Law before the CAS (Special Report FL #17 "CAS Arbitration")

This article was written by the authors on the basis of their intervention on 3 September 2021, during the colloquium "Disputes before the CAS: specificity and normality of sports arbitration", organised under the scientific direction of Cécile Chaussard, David Jacotot, Clotilde Jourdain-Fortier and Gérald Simon - CREDIMI's Sports Law Laboratory.


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) procedures have specific features that are important to highlight. This is the case concerning evidence, applicable law and appeals before the Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT). The following remarks will allow us to highlight some of the particular contours in this area.


On the Evidence and the Timing of it

CAS proceedings...

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