Inter Milano Sues Inter Miami and Other MLS Issues

Inter Milano Sues Inter Miami and Other MLS Issues

American football, or soccer as it is called in the US, has always been a sort of an outsider in our sport, as it was kind of an eccentric affair within the other “real American” sports, such as baseball, their football, ice hockey or basketball.


Following this path, it seemed logical that all issues related to football were not exactly the same worldwide than they were in the USA. The President of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), Sunil Gulati, has remarked that its own body is not complying with 13 articles of the FIFA Statutes and that this should be changed.


But how should change be brought about, when the very same US Federation agreed with the US players union that they were not going to enforce the solidarity mechanism and training compensation claims brought by foreign clubs? That landmark case, the well-known Fraser vs MLS (and USSF...

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