Interview with Michele CENTENARO, ECA General Secretary

Interview with Michele CENTENARO, ECA General Secretary

Michele CENTENARO: It is not a matter of judging whether a club’s or a player’s “interest” as such are sufficiently protected. What is expected is a fair and neutral evaluation of the cases

Generally speaking, how satisfied are you with the International Football Justice?

We are overall satisfied with the functioning and the decisions of the sports related judicial bodies. The concept of a football (sports) justice as such is in my opinion a very good one since it provides and allows for an autonomous system with a homogenous application of the sports regulations. This factor has, over time, increased the authority of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) and Players’ Status Committee (PSC), and the CAS - especially the CAS as ultimate instance - which are currently recognized as the legitimate bodies for rendering verdicts in football related disputes.

The key areas I would reinforce in order to maintain such credibility moving ahead are the independence of the bodies and the transparency of their decisions. Besides, we should be careful that procedures at CAS remain...

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