Legal Challenges in Hosting Competitions –  An AFC Perspective

Legal Challenges in Hosting Competitions –  An AFC Perspective
Some of the more common challenges faced by the AFC from a legal perspective in the hosting of AFC competitions stem from enforcement. This ranges from the enforcement of contractual obligations, regulatory requirements as well as on-site policing measures.

With a membership spanning 47  national football associations, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), like most sports governing bodies, is often tasked with finding an equilibrium in assisting its members, in its capacity as governing body, to promote and develop the game within the respective territories; whilst implementing effective policies and regulations to ensure that ultimately the interest of all its stakeholders, including that of its members and commercial partners are well protected and not compromised.

At the heart of this lies the challenge not only in the implementation of such policies and regulations considering the various different geo-political conditions across the region but more so in terms of the enforcement thereof especially when it concerns the hosting of competitions.

The AFC has, in organising and staging its Competitions, faced both trials and successes and following conclusion of each respective edition, it continues...

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