Pierre Webo Incident

Review of Hate Speech and Racism in Perspective of International Law and Turkish Case-Law

Pierre Webo IncidentReview of Hate Speech and Racism in Perspective of International Law and Turkish Case-Law

This article aims to analyze current and ongoing legal issues dealing with racism and hate speech in football. More precisely, it tackles the recent case of Pierre Webo, who a referee verbally assaulted during a UEFA Champions League match. Even though, as it will be discussed, the referee’s inappropriate behavior was not considered racist or hate speech by UEFA disciplinary bodies, it helps to understand this critical issue.


For many years, the world has been facing racism and hate speech in sports. Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of football compared to other sports, hate speech and inappropriat terms often affects football events. This kind of behavior in sports should not be encountered, and they shall have no place in the sports community.

We used to see racism and hate speech from football players against each other or fans’ racism toward players. However, a new incident took place this season in the UEFA Champions League. Such situation, a referee’s innapropriate behavior of which has been considered as racist, has not been encountered in the Champions League before.

The occasion that happened at this Match was unusual and unexpected due to the parties taking part in the said behaviour incident. The CEDB...

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