Registration of Minors: TAS 2020/A/7150 Ryoga Fujita c. FIFA

Registration of Minors: TAS 2020/A/7150 Ryoga Fujita c. FIFA
Article 19.2 a) of the FIFA RSTP, which deals with transfers of minors when the said transfer is due to “non-football related reasons”, should always be considered under particular circumstances of each case for its correct modulation. Thus, if there are several legitimate reasons for the transfer of a minor, and one of them may be related to football, CAS should assess the relative weight of the “football factor”. This analysis is necessary to prevent excessive rigor in interpreting the FIFA RSTP that may lead to decisions restricting the exercise of individual freedoms in an unreasonable manner.

Facts and Procedure


The Player, born on 2 July 2004, is a minor federated in the Japanese Tokyo Kiyose Valiant club. Between 24 April 2015 and 2 April 2017, the Player participated in a series of try-outs at the FCB Baipa Academy in Katsushika, Japan. On 25 July 2018, the Player’s father contacted a law firm in Barcelona, Spain, and sent them an email stating that he wanted to start a new business in Barcelona. His son would accompany him as his childhood dream was to play football. The father further asked the law firm to help them to obtain residency visas.

On 3 June 2019, the father and the...

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