The CAS in the Time of COVID (Special Report FL #17 "CAS Arbitration")


Organisations across the world adjusted to the ‘New Normal’ in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a profession which prides itself on upholding centuries-old traditions, some of the rapid developments in the legal sphere were met with horror from the traditionalists. However, the majority the of changes have been welcomed and the modernising effect that the rapid adjustment required has, in the authors’ opinion, been rightly praised. Some of these innovations are, of course, strictly temporary. In Scotland, for example, the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service received a lot of praise from criminal law practitioners for transitioning to jury trials involving jurors watching trials in cinemas across the country, to allow for appropriate social distancing. For a whole host of reasons though, criminal practitioners will be relieved to return to trials as they knew them pre-pandemic. Other developments, such as waiving the...

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