TPO in Brazil 

TPO in Brazil 

In Brazil, the negotiation of “economic rights” of football players (TPO) is currently a widespread practice, and it is very difficult to find a club without at least one player with relation to whose rights there is TPO. Over time, with the increase in international business relationships in football, as well as the consolidation of Brazil as a formative country of high-level football players, new ways of investing in clubs, such as TPO, have gained space and occupied an important spot within this context.

The relevant position of TPO in the Brazilian scenario is due to the structure of the sport in the country. On one hand, a large part of the Brazilian clubs, small and medium sized, do not receive significant amounts related to ticket sales, marketing contracts or broadcasting of matches, since they usually dispute just regional competitions. On the other hand, even the big clubs have been faced with financial difficulties in the last years,...

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