A new Egyptian Sports Law approved by the Egyptian Parliament 

A new Egyptian Sports Law approved by the Egyptian Parliament 
On 31 May 2017, the Egyptian Parliament approved the new Egyptian sports law, the Law no. 71 of 2017 to adapt to the significant developments in the world of sports. The previous Egyptian law that governed sport in Egypt was the Law of the civil entities for youth and sport no. 77 of 1975 and was more than 40 years old until the new sports law was approved! It is clear that there are big developments, as appears from the name of each law, and for the first time the law governing sports in Egypt is clearly titled "Sports Law".

Over the last years, sport has been developed significantly across many sectors (economic, administrative and legal, etc.), the Egyptian decision makers agreed that the country needs a new legislation governing sports and, a few years ago, they started to take serious steps towards such legislation coming to life, working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

While football is the most popular sport in Egypt, attracting significant investments and generating huge revenues, it is worth mentioning that the new sports law will add a great development to football because of the new benefits and flexibility that will be...

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