Ambush Marketing in the Organization of Major Football Events

Ambush Marketing in the Organization of Major Football Events
The only way to fight ambush marketing effectively is the prevention and the immediate repression.

It can be hardly disputed that the podium of major football events nowadays features the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Euro Championship and the UEFA Champions League (not always following this order, especially when, like in the 2018-2019 edition, many UEFA Champions League matches are full of thrill and unexpected comebacks).

Over the last years, the final stage of these competitions has been organized by the “owner” of the tournament (i.e. FIFA and UEFA) together with the football governing body of the place where the matches have been played, selected at the end of a bidding procedure.

Such events are very demanding in terms of organizational efforts, both for the financial resources that are needed for all related preparatory activities and due to the involvement of several sports institutions, Governmental bodies and agencies, private entities,...

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