Australian club versus coach contract termination cases determined at FIFA

Australian club versus coach contract termination cases determined at FIFA
Recently, two second division clubs in Australia have been ordered by the FIFA Player Status Committee (FIFA PSC) to pay tens of thousands of dollars to two coaches that they were ruled to have been wrongfully dismissed. These are unprecedented and novel circumstances for Australian football as both clubs are semi professional and belong to the National Premier League (NPL) competition (below the professional A-League) and rarely has a coach/club dispute from Australia reached the FIFA PSC for a decision.

International dimension

The coaches - namely Gorka Etxeberria and Chris Taylor - took their former club employers, Sydney Olympic FC and South Melbourne FC respectively, to the FIFA PSC after they were both terminated just before the season was to commence. Mr Taylor has been resident in Australia for 20 years although still holds a British passport. Mr Exteberria is a coach who holds a Spanish passport.

Mr Exteberria was sacked as Sydney Olympic FC coach when he had one year left on his contract, whilst Mr Taylor had two years left of his contract. Neither Mr Exteberria nor Mr Taylor were aware that they were going to be terminated “but with the assistance of the Football Coaches Australia (FCA) (coaches association), in supporting their motions they have been awarded roughly AUD 80,000 each after the FIFA PSC heard their cases before December 2019 and instructed their...

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