Basque Football Federation: A Steeplechase to Official Status

Basque Football Federation: A Steeplechase to Official Status

The Basque Country’s desire to have its national football team made official has been reawakened in recent times.

On 11 May 2022, the President of the Basque Football Federation (EFF-FVF),[1] Javier Landeta (see the picture above), appeared in the Basque Parliament appealing to the political parties to continue with the steps taken so far for the official recognition of the Euskal Selekzioa[2]through global collaboration and consensus”, despite the negative response from the Spanish Football Association (RFEF), UEFA and FIFA.

This means that the Basque Country will remain as until now, like other Spanish regions, having a team that represents it in non-official matches as such region is not recognized as a member by either UEFA or FIFA, with only the chance to organize friendly matches from time to time.[3]

The aspiration of the Basque...

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