Can crowd misbehavior justify a deduction of points?

Can crowd misbehavior justify a deduction of points?

Local Court of Frankfurt, 20 March 2019, no. Az. 2-06 O 420/18


1. On 27 May 2018, the second leg play-off for the qualification for the third German League for the 2018-2019 season took place between Waldhof Mannheim and KFC Uerdingen.

After KFC Uerdingen had already won the first leg match 1-0, shortly before the end of the second leg they were leading 2-0, when the supporters of Waldhof Mannheim who were lighting fireworks already in the first league match, started to burn a huge number of pyrotechnic items. Despite announcements and warnings by the referee of possibly abandoning the match, they did not stop their behavior and even threw fireworks on the pitch. After the match - which from a sportive point of...

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