CAS 2013/A/3228 Evgeny V. Levchenko v. Russian Football Association

CAS 2013/A/3228 Evgeny V. Levchenko v. Russian Football Association

If the prayers for relief, whatever the decision of the CAS Panel may be, can affect the rights of a third party that has not been named and included as a Respondent in the proceedings before the CAS, there is no scope for review for the CAS Panel and the appeal must be dismissed.


On 18 April 2011, a Russian newspaper alleged in an article that the Third Party (Observer) in his capacity as a member of Football Union of Russia (FUR) committees, Vice-President of the FUR, member of the FUR Executive Committee and FUR Bureau of the Executive Committee as well as President of the Russian Football Premier League, had a conflict of interest and was involved in illegal  activities with his brother Mr A. (an employee of the Russian National Football League), Mr K. (Advisor to the FUR President), as well as T. (Players’ agent licensed by the German Football Federation) and Company X.

Based on this article, the Novosibirsk regional branch of the Russian Union of Supporters filed a claim with the FUR Ethics Committee on 27 May 2011, requesting this committee to investigate against the persons enumerated above. The FUR Ethics Committee ruled to close the investigations...

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