CAS 2017/A/5173 Joseph Odartei Lamptey v. FIFA

CAS 2017/A/5173 Joseph Odartei Lamptey v. FIFA

An individual found guilty of a serious case of influencing the result of a match in a manner contrary to sporting ethics, is to be suspended for life from all football-related activities.


On 7 October 2016, Mr Lamptey (the Referee) was appointed to referee during a match between South Africa and Senegal, scheduled for 12 November 2016 and which South Africa won 2-1.

The match reports mentioned the Senegalese confronting the referee after the match, as well as a tunnel fracas that required the intervention of security. The Referee Assessor’s report claims that a penalty awarded was incorrectly awarded in favour of South Africa by the...

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