Clubs sanctioned for an “Alleged Misuse of TMS as a Negotiation Tool”

Clubs sanctioned for an “Alleged Misuse of TMS as a Negotiation Tool”
For some years now, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has been sanctioning several clubs from different countries for misuse of the FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS), which is mandatory for all international transfers of professional male players within the scope of eleven-a-side football.

FIFA opened many disciplinary investigations against some clubs after those clubs agreed to condition the issuance of the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) for the transfer of the players upon the payment of a significant amount by the buyer clubs in order to complete the data entry.

By signing a transfer contract for which the issuance of the ITC was conditional upon a payment, the seller clubs breached Article 9 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (the Regulations), which stipulates that the ITC shall be issued free of charge without any conditions.

In those cases, the committee was categorical in...

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