ECHR, 13 July 2021, no. 74989/11, Ali Riza v. Suisse

ECHR, 13 July 2021, no. 74989/11, Ali Riza v. Suisse
On 13 July 2021, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on the case of a former Turkish footballer who challenged the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s alleged violation of his right to be heard. However, the player’s application was dismissed by the ECHR

Facts and previous decisions


Before the Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT), the applicants were Ömer Kerim Ali Rıza, a dual British and Turkish national, and Fatih ArslanŞaban SerinMehmet Erhan Berber and Serkan Akal, Turkish nationals. These applicants had already submitted their claim before CAS and then to the SFT. There were two different ECHR proceedings, one involving Mr Rıza’s applications...

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