Edinburgh Sports Conference 2019: Interview with Paolo Lombardi 

Edinburgh Sports Conference 2019: Interview with Paolo Lombardi 
Following an acclaimed inaugural event in 2017, the Edinburgh Sports Conference returns. This year's edition will be dedicated to “The Future of Football Transfers and Players’ Agents”. Interview with Paolo Lombardi, Managing Director of Lombardi Associates, which he founded in 2010.

The Edinburgh Sports Conference returns on 5th and 6th September 2019. Why have you decided to hold this second edition? What are the objectives?

The first edition of The Edinburgh Sports Conference was held in 2017. Having no experience in organising conferences or events, we were unsure how everything would work out. However, we managed to secure very high-level speakers and this helped in attracting around 150 delegates from all over the world. We received such positive feedback about the event and this is essentially why we decided to organise another event this year.

There are an increasing number of conferences appearing in the sports law sector and we made the conscious decision that our conference has to adhere to criteria that we believe are important. The conference price, travel costs, time away from the office, etc all add up, and we want delegates to have a really worthwhile learning and networking...

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