FC Barcelona under the Threat of Bankruptcy

FC Barcelona under the Threat of Bankruptcy
The economic situation left by the COVID-19 pandemic on FC Barcelona is dire. So dire that, in 2021, the club could go into bankruptcy. The losses caused by the temporary suspension of the 2019-2020 season, to which must be added, in the current season, those due, among other reasons, to the lack of public and tourists and its early elimination from the Champions League are expected to amount to more than EUR 300 million. Additionally, other circumstances such as the poor economic management of recent years and the resignation of FC Barcelona’s Board of Directors, including its President Mr Bartomeu, have led the club into a situation of insolvency which it is trying to remedy.

The Management Board, chaired by Carles Tusquets, who is provisionally in charge of the Catalan club until the next presidential elections are held, is trying, round the clock, to take drastic measures to avoid a debacle. It is not having it easy, given that its possibilities for action, as an interim Management Board are limited, given that it only has the capacity to call elections and carry out the acts that are essential to maintain the entity’s regular activity.

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