Forgery in football-related disputes

Forgery in football-related disputes

Unfortunately, there are uncountable cases in football disputes in which one of the parties, usually the football player, claims a certain document used in a procedure is a forgery. In most of such cases, the alleged forgery consists in the signature inserted into a document, the amount or the date appearing in payment receipts exclusively kept by the club, certain articles in employment contracts, transfers agreements, commission contract with agent or other documents of private nature used in the football industry, which are crucial for the outcome of the case.

This article aims at getting a close look at the current regulations and at the most common problematic on the issue while simultaneously analyzing the FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) practices in cases where forgery of a document has been claimed by one of the parties, and offer some guidance in how to approach such type of situations when confronted with it in the course of a...

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