Investing in Danish Football Clubs

Investing in Danish Football Clubs

As with all other investments, one must understand the industry and market in which a potential investment will be completed. With a population of merely 5.8 million, Denmark is a small country and, as such, is not an obvious target for international investment. However, in terms of investing in Danish football clubs, the case has turned out to be quite the opposite.

Below is a brief overview of the Danish football industry and certain related matters of legal nature, which international investors must take into consideration before an investment is carried out.

Understanding the Football Industry in Denmark

The golden age of Danish football was sparked into life in the early eighties when Denmark, apparently out of nowhere, became a highly respected football nation through a brilliant and attack minded style of football, particularly at the national team level. Following that, and notwithstanding its smaller geographic size and population, Denmark has played a significant role in international football in recent times.

Since 1971, when the Danish Football Association finally accepted professional Danish players into the national team, there...

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