Issues of Protection of Honour, Dignity and Personal Reputation in Football

In the realities of the new digital era, when news spread with lightning speed and while the protection of information and confidentiality/privacy is of particular importance, immediate steps are required to reconsider and regulate issues related to the protection of the non-property rights of honour, dignity and business reputation.

In football, the described issue is very relevant because “money loves silence”, and an inadvertently said word or suggestion can harm a career (and sometimes even put an end to it) or disrupt/jeopardize a grand deal. Everyone knows how it usually works: a rumour that was born in behind-the-scenes conversations is picked up by any active user of social networks who has at least the minimum number of friends interested in football, and then the “news” generated in such a way appear in sports media, are reprinted by other publications, and obtain the relevant significance (since references to respected sources appear in this process) and eventually grow into a huge snowball, to which yet frankly false information easily “sticks”. This is simply impossible to control and roll back, because any comments from interested parties only strengthen the public’s conviction that “there is no...

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