Mediation and Football: CBF System Conflict Management in the COVID-19 Setting

Mediation and Football: CBF System Conflict Management in the COVID-19 Setting

By Rafael Terreiro Fachada[1]

CBF National Dispute Resolution Chamber (CNRD) General Coordinator

& Roberto de Palma Barracco[2]

CBF National Dispute Resolution Chamber Neutral and Head of Research

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


This paper aims to look into mediation as a sports industry tool, especially regarding Brazilian associative football, to overcome COVID-19-related hurdles. Nowadays, “CBF Family” dilemmas are a dire challenge to its stakeholders’ future, and mediation arises as a helping tool to alleviate the consequences of this crisis. That is, mediation serves as an associative policy, as an associative procedure, and as a technique tool to steward the Brazilian football industry towards a new dawn.

Brazilian Associative Football’s Dilemmas

Brazilian football is, by its nature, global. Wherever we have football in the world, there is a Brazilian athlete on the field. In 2019, 306 Brazilian clubs were either the origin or destination for 1,779 international transfers. To get an idea of the significance of that number, it is equivalent of all Concacaf clubs that took part in international transfers and is greater than the sum of all international transfers for Germany and Italy combined.[3]

From a purely financial perspective, the Brazilian men’s football...

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