Multi-Club Ownership Rules in German Football

Multi-Club Ownership Rules in German Football
Before examining the specific rules that govern multi-club ownership in Germany, it is important to understand the general legal framework of investments in German football, that significantly distinguishes German football from most other countries. In that regard, the so-called “50+1-Rule” has already been the subject of a separate article.[1]

In short, this rule –despite several efforts to have it abandoned or declared null and void, is still in place and supported by the majority of German football clubs – stipulates that the voting shares of any company through which a professional football club is run must be held by the “mother association” by at a minimum of 50% plus one additional vote. In other words, it must be safeguarded that the club (association) always has more votes than the entirety of all other shareholders of a company through which professional football is run.

This rule ensures that the club always has the final say in decisions within the corporation. To secure...

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