Payment of Outstanding Salaries and Team Performance Bonuses

Payment of Outstanding Salaries and Team Performance Bonuses
CAS overrules the FIFA DRC decision by finding that the claim of the player was not time-barred by application of Articles 86-87 SCO and once again confirms that players shall be equally treated in terms of a team bonuses system.
CAS 2018/A/6045 Manuel Henrique Tavares Fernandes v. FC Lokomotiv Moscow

The dispute between Manuel Henrique Tavares Fernandes (Player) and FC Lokomotiv Moscow (Club) arose after: (i) the Player realized that during the first contractual year, the Club paid him less than was agreed upon by the contract; and (ii) when the Player was not paid the team performance bonus for the win of the Cup of Russia, while all his teammates were duly rewarded.

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