Spanish Football Mess

Spanish Football Mess
Of course, this is not the only mess that we are facing right now due to the Covid-19, but it is the one that I would like to talk about, as a Spaniard. On 23 March, both the Spanish FA (RFEF) and LaLiga stated that there is no exact date to re-start all football competitions, and any decision will follow what the Government will say. This is a completely different message from just some days ago, when LaLiga President, Mr Tebas, was giving us hope of a new beginning by mid-May.

This is no longer the official position, and we are all of us looking at the figures of the coronavirus pandemic as Spain is the fourth-most affected country, with the third-highest death toll. Football seems so far away from our current problems, and right now, we are focusing on working from home and trying to help our heroes (doctors,...

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