The FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries (RWI) – Comprehensive Analysis II

Despite the challenges and ongoing discussions, the Regulations on Working with Intermediaries (RWI) have been enacted and they are now implemented since 1 April 2015. Each National Association (NA) is simply obliged to implement the minimum standards set in the RWI. Further, each NA has the full right to adopt more standards and legal requirements to further regulate the area. Thus, national mandatory laws and regulations may have an effect on these regulations[1]. This is in contrast with the former PAR where FIFA was fully regulating the market of the players' agents. Clearly, FIFA has moved the control and the supervision over the agents on the shoulders of the NAs and it will only monitor its members. So this change brings several commitments and liabilities on NAs, which need to ensure their implementation.

The intermediary has the right to provide services to...

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