The Rights of the Child and the FIFA Protection of Minors

The Rights of the Child and the FIFA Protection of Minors
The case of the Ecuadorian minor football players has again brought into consideration the issue of the limits of International Sports Law when one of its members goes to the ordinary courts and invokes in his/her defense, state norms or international treaties.


Given that the majority of sports federations, national and international, require their members not to go to ordinary courts to resolve conflicts arising from the interpretation or application of statutes, regulations, decisions and guidelines of both the national and regional federations and FIFA, it is rare, worldwide, that ordinary, non-specialized judges have to resolve cases such as this.

The purpose of the claim C. Q., W. A. and others vs. Argentine Football Association on Legal Protection (Amparo)” was that the minors J.W.C.M. and J.A.M.C. could register with a sports association on behalf of a club, in order to participate in the official competitions of this country [Argentina]. “In other words, they should be allowed to ‘sign...

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