The Slow Road to Equality in Football: The Professionalization of Female Football in Spain

The Slow Road to Equality in Football: The Professionalization of Female Football in Spain
This article reflects on the evolution of female football in Spain and its path to professionalization. Although a rocky road, advances beyond those found in many other countries had been made before the professionalization, and the decision to professionalize was the icing on the cake. However, even after the professionalization, not everything is clear, and advances towards equality still must be enforced and adjudicated. The article summarizes a longwinded history that has led to a semblance of equality and abundant growth in Spanish female football. Spain has paved the way for other countries to act similarly, which must be taken in stride. Further, from the mistakes, one must learn so that other countries undertaking similar goals attain them faster as a consequence of the already paved road by Spanish sports.


The importance of football due to its roots in society and its capacity to mobilize the population has been on an upswing in the past years, especially with the addition of female sports to the mix of watched and enjoyed sports, where before only male sports made the cut.

Spain has regulated professional and amateur sports through laws given the public interest aspect of sport granted by the Spanish Constitution. Therefore, the discretion to establish whether a sport is considered professional or not is granted to the Spanish Superior Council on Sports (Law 10/1990 on Sports, hereinafter “Sports Law,” Art. 8. e). The Spanish...

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