AFC Code of Conduct 2020

AFC Code of Conduct 2020

The Code is published in English and Arabic, and is available for download via the following links:


The Code is one of the ways in which the AFC puts into practice the key values that underpin the game of football on the pitch into its activities off the pitch. It aims to assist the AFC in reflecting the key principles of respect, fair play, and teamwork in the everyday work of the organisation.

Alongside the more standard key principles (including the obligation to act with integrity and the avoidance of bribery and corruption), the Code has been updated to cover more contemporary topics, such as child safeguarding and environmental responsibility. Each of the key principles is discussed in greater detail below.

As a matter of good governance and to ensure that the key principles are effectively communicated and understood by all of the AFC’s stakeholders, the Code is published in English and also in Arabic (the two official languages of the AFC).

Who is bound by the Code?

The persons who are subject to...

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