Minors in the People’s Republic of China

Minors in the People’s Republic of China


Unlike Article 19.1bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (FIFA RSTP), the CFA RSTP does not consider as football “academy” the ones with links to a club, since they are categorized as club’s youth teams rather than academies. Hence, Section IX of the CFA RSTP only applies to those academies with no links to a football club.

There is an interesting provision of the CFA RSTP - Article 59.A4 - which establishes that restrictions are applied to all transfers and first registrations[1] of minors except to the ones carried out to football academies[2]. However, as essential requirement, such academies need to be annually registered with the CFA, having to fulfill multiple approvals from various bureaus in order to ensure their independence and that they are not associated with any football...

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