Salary Cap in Chinese Professional Leagues for Seasons 2021-2023

Salary Cap in Chinese Professional Leagues for Seasons 2021-2023

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) recently issued further measures for the sustainability of the Chinese football industry, tightening salary caps adopted for the 2020 season, with several innovations concerning also the application of different caps for each professional league. For the sake of completeness in this article, after describing the salary cap for the 2021-2023 seasons, we will provide a comparative table with the salary cap in the CSL for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.


In previous articles, we have analyzed the CFA’s policies over the last few years, describing the attempts of the Chinese football governing body to correct various dysfunctions of the football industry in China.

We should consider as a premise that the football industry in China is far from being financially healthy and self-sustaining, meaning that the system is not yet capable of generating enough revenues while, on the contrary, football clubs rely heavily on investments from their parent companies. It is a fact that, during the past few years, several professional clubs, especially in lower divisions, have faced financial difficulties and disappeared after bankruptcy proceedings or because of overdue payables.

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