The first hackathon of Italian football

The first hackathon of Italian football

In October 2017, the Italian Football Association (FIGC) was the first football association in the world to organize a “football hackathon”. The event was designed and staged in cooperation with Google, the European Institute of Technology (EIT), Accenture Digital, Opta, Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Centre and other players of the IT sector.


What is a hackathon

The word hackathon[1] derives from the combination of the words “hacker”, which means clever programmer, and “marathon”, that recalls a competition based on endurance. During a hackathon, virtuous innovators, computer “hackers”, eager entrepreneurs, experts and people passionate for technologies, software and research invest their expertise and skills in designing original (tangible or intangible) products or solutions (e.g. business projects, prototypes of technological solutions and/or software applications) linked to the topic of the event. Participants usually team-up in groups of 4-5 members with complementary competences in order to present a final project before a jury after racking their brains around-the-clock for one or two days. In most cases, the authors of the best project receive an award. The purpose is to lead...

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