The Lassana Diarra case: the CAS confirmed the decision of the FIFA DRC

The Lassana Diarra case: the CAS confirmed the decision of the FIFA DRC

CAS 2015/A/4094 Lassana Diarra v. FC Lokomotiv Moscow 

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled that the appeal filed by Lassana Diarra against the decision rendered by the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber was dismissed and the aforesaid decision was confirmed. The CAS found that FC Lokomotiv terminated the contract with Lassana Diarra with just cause. Thus, Lassana Diarra was condemned to the payment of compensation for the breach of contract in the amount of EUR 10,500,000, plus interest at the rate of 5% per annum.

The background

The plot of the story was described in Football Legal # 4 (December 2015), in details.[1]

Therefore, in this article we will limit the description by the facts most relevant to the issues that will be discussed below.

The employment contract between FC Lokomotiv (the Club) and Lassana Diarra (the Player) was signed in August 2013.

According to clause 2.1.21 of the employment contract, the Player was obliged to pass medical examinations and treatment only in the clinics and at the consultation of the specialists, authorized by doctors of the Club.

Pursuant to clauses 2.1.22 and 2.1.23 of the contract, the Player had to immediately inform the Club about all problems with his health, and in case of a disease immediately come to the disposal of the Club or provide the Club with a...

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