Conditional Bonuses: When should they be paid?

Conditional Bonuses: When should they be paid?

CAS 2018/A/5882 FC Rubin Kazan v. Denis Gennadievich Tkachuk & RFU


Facts of the case

According to the Employment Contract between the player, Mr Tkachuk (Player), and the club, FC Rubin (Club), the Player “who has duly fulfilled his duties under the Employment Contract shall be provided with extra bonus incentives following the regulations on bonus payments for the victory of the team in a match” and “If the Football Player fails to duly perform his obligations under the Employment Contract, the Club shall be entitled to decrease the bonus payments.

Before the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, the Club adopted its Bonus Regulations, according to which it undertook to pay certain bonuses in the case of a win or draw in a match, 50% of which would be payable upon achievement of a win or...

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