The FUR Players’ Status Committee ruled against an excessively formal approach in application of the rules of the FUR Dispute Resolution Regulations

There is a set of mandatory requirements in the FUR Dispute Resolution Regulations, which shall lead to certain negative consequences if they are not met. For instance, in order to avoid unnecessary litigation, Article 41.2 of the Regulations stipulates that, prior to filing a claim with the FUR Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC), the claimant must provide the respondent with a warning and set a deadline of at least 10 days (in some cases 30 days). Failure to meet this prerequisite shall entail refusal in the adoption of the claim to consideration.

The rule is express, clear and unambiguous, so, basically, it has to be followed strictly.

On 11 January 2018, the player N. filed a claim against club D. asking the FUR DRC to confirm that he had just cause for premature termination of the employment contract concluded between himself and club D.

On 29...

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